Selous and Southern Tanzania

The Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa, covering 52,000km2 of pristine wilderness. The park supports a wide variety of wildlife including elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, buffalo, giraffe, crocodile and many antelope and bird species. The Rufiji River flows through the park and the terrain varies from riverine forest and alluvial flood plains with oxbow lagoons, to low mopane forest.
Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s second largest, covering 13,000 sq kms, and home to huge herds of elephant and buffalo. The central spine of the park is the watershed between the Nzombe and Ruaha rivers, with a dramatic escarpment, above which lie enormous stretches of miombo woodland. The dry climate means that certain species not found elsewhere in Tanzania, such as the greater kudu, can be seen in Ruaha.