Selous and Southern Tanzania, Tanzania

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of a walking safari and Ruaha National Park is a prime spot for exploring on foot.

Set off with your expert safari guide, tracking wildlife by their footprints, watching for marks on trees and plants. Take in the minute details, such as a caterpillar crossing the path, or stop to admire a honeyguide bird as it skips through the trees. Being out on foot offers you the opportunity to quietly take in your surroundings, and see the wildlife on their terms. Warthogs won’t scarper as far, impala may snort and run but then turn to look you in the eye – in every way this is different to being on a game drive.


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sailing in a dhow, the traditional sailing boat used in Zanzibar, is the best way to view the island’s coastline. Sailing in the late evening to watch the sun set is the best time of day and is wonderfully romantic.

The image of a dhow sailing across the sunset is a typical postcard scene, and these simple wooden sailboats are dotted along the coastline of Zanzibar. These boats have been used since the 18th century, and are still used now, both as a tourist activity offering tours around the island, and as a source of local transport.

Whilst it is easy to find a dhow trip around Zanzibar, the best route to take is to the north of Zanzibar to visit the small island of Mnemba, to view its beautiful untouched and secluded coast.


Zanzibar and the Coast, Tanzania

Feel like Robinson Crusoe as you spend the day exploring the small islands and sandbanks surrounding Zanzibar’s main island on this blue safari. Remote and secluded, enjoy a day on desert islands, complete with seafood picnic!

Venture out around Zanzibar on a traditional Tanzanian dhow boat, and explore the tiny islands and sandbanks of the archipelago. These islands are unspoilt, with pristine white sands and azure blue waters, just waiting to be explored. Spend time sailing the Indian Ocean before diving in to explore underwater with a spot of snorkelling. Relax and unwind on a spotless beach and tuck in to a delicious picnic made with some of Zanzibar’s best produce – freshly-caught seafood. At the end of the day you will leave this idyllic paradise with truly unforgettable memories.


Selous and Southern Tanzania, Tanzania

Get up close and personal with the hippos in the Selous’ mighty rivers and lakes on a boat safari, perfect in the late afternoons when the wildlife often comes to the shore to drink.

Part of the magic of the Selous is the ability to get out on the water, enjoying the wildlife from a totally different perspective. Watch elephants splashing around to cool off, giraffes bending precariously to take a sip and birds return to their nests to roost for the evening as the sun starts to drop. Perhaps take a fishing rod and try your luck at catching a tiger fish. As the afternoon wears on, find a quiet spot to enjoy a sundowner, listening to the fish eagles calling across the water.


Lake Tanganyika and Western Tanzania, Tanzania

Hiking through the verdant forest in the Mahale mountains in search of chimpanzees is a heart-racing experience. Watch as these primate cousins stop to groom, eat and build nests in their natural habitat, accompanied by an expert guide.

Begin your trek at the sandy shores of Africa’s deepest lake, Tanganyika and follow your guide through the forest paths up into the Mahale mountains. Wind your way through ancient trees and keep an ear out for distant whoops of the chimpanzees, or cracking branches as they dash through the canopy. You will follow a set trail but it can be steep at times and slippery underfoot, so you’ll need a sense of humour and a good pair of walking shoes. The guides and researchers here know every chimpanzee by name and will tell you about their history and where they fit into the social hierarchy in their troop. You will spend one precious hour with these fascinating creatures, watching them interact, groom one another, carry young ones on their backs and foraging for food. The time flies by so soak up every minute of your time with the chimpanzees before triumphantly returning back to Greystoke to spend the rest of the day.


Zanzibar and the Coast, Tanzania

Located off the eastern coast of Africa, in the warm and clear Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is home to some great diving locations. Head to the tiny atolls off the north coast of Zanzibar, or take a trip to its neighbouring island of Pemba.

With several tiny islands off its shores, it can be argued that when scuba diving, it is best to go to the northern Coast, in which the tiny atoll of Mnemba has varied species of tropical fish across its reefs.

Head further north to the untouched island of Pemba, in which diving experts describe as one of the best diving locations in east Africa. Accessed from Zanzibar by boat, the Pemba channel, and the area surrounding Pemba’s western coast has over 320 coral reef species; twice the amount of any other diving location in this region.

The tiny sand atoll Mesali can be found within the Pemba channel, and it is advised to dive here during an incoming tide, to make the most of clearer waters and to increase the chances of seeing bigger pelagic fish. On the island of Pemba, the Fundu Lagoon is a relaxed boutique hotel with a professional team of PADI qualified instructors, all with specific local knowledge of the Mesali and waters surrounding Pemba. Whilst it is a perfect all year round destination, it may be worth considering timing your visit between November to April when Sharks migrate through the Pemba channel. Throughout the coastline of Zanzibar, most hotels will offer to arrange scuba diving expeditions and training with additional costs, and it will be easy to access the beautiful and untouched Pemba island.


Serengeti and Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

Harder to predict than the Great Migration, the Flamingo migration is equally incredible to witness as they descend on Lake Manyara in their thousands. An amazing photo opportunity or simply the chance to witness these spectacular birds in their element.

Set out from your camp to either enjoy sundowners or coffee on the shore of Lake Manyara in Northern Tanzania whilst watching the sun rise or set over the thousands of blush-coloured birds, or alternatively put on some rubber boots and go wading through the mud among them. Lake Manyara National Park is famous for these beautiful birds that roam the edges of the lake in flocks of thousands during the wet season. There are more than 400 species of birds that inhabit the park so it is a huge favourite with keen birders who can expect to see upwards of 100 different species on any one day.


Serengeti and Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

Head to Singita Grumeti Reserve in Northern Tanzania and try the new ”Singita Explore”. This new mobile safari experience is situated in one of the most pristine wilderness areas of the world and offers an exclusive camp with spectacular game-viewing.

The mighty Singita Grumeti Reserve covers an area of over 340,000 acres of fantastic game-viewing land – larger than the entire Maasai Mara reserve. In this exclusive and private enclave, there are just three lodges – and the brand new Singita Explore Tented Camp.

The camp is luxuriously and thoughtfully designed, and will be created a day before your arrival. The idea of this temporary camp is to embrace an authentic safari experience with tented rooms, spirit lanterns and dining outside under the stars while the African night draws in. There are seven camping sites around this vast reserve, each selected for its privacy, beauty and game concentrations. Guests can choose to move their camp between these sites in order to give the ultimate game experience while retaining an authentic mobile safari experience or simply stay for a couple of nights in one bush location.

Although this is a tented safari experience, Singita’s commitment to luxury and comfort is evident throughout – the tents are beautifully appointed using traditional African decor and have every comfort catered for including en-suite bathrooms. The cuisine at camp is delicious and freshly prepared each day, using locally sourced ingredients, and meals are taken under the vast African sky.

Guests can choose to start at one of the Singita Grumeti lodges, then head out into the bush to experience this mobile safari, and then end with a luxurious stay at another of Singita’s premier lodges. With the emphasis on returning to the wild, free of the stresses and strains of modern life, we feel that a combination of these exclusive and luxurious lodges and camps will give you a wonderful overview of the Serengeti.


Serengeti and Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

Explore the dormant volcanic caldera of the Ngorongoro Crater in a safari vehicle – this is a unique location for a game drive and the dramatic scenery really adds to the magic.

The Ngorongoro Crater has an abundance of wildlife which is well protected and which rarely leave the steep-sided walls of the crater itself. This means the concentrations of game here are particularly impressive, with good populations of lion, elephant, zebra, buffalo as well as cheetah and leopard. Most sought-after are the resident black rhino – this is your best chance to see these gentle giants in Northern Tanzania, so keep your binoculars handy and eyes trained to try to find them.


Selous and Southern Tanzania, Tanzania

Follow your guide on foot as you explore the Selous, focusing on the smaller details that make up the ecosystem which you often miss on a game drive.

We recommend walking in the morning to make the most of the early morning light. Look for tracks of animals who have passed near to camp overnight as you explore the area with your guide. Stop to admire the birdlife and listen to their calls, watch as warthogs trot past with tails held high like aerials, and learn how the whistling thorn acacia defends itself from grazing antelopes. You may encounter a giraffe or herd of elephants, which feels entirely different to watching from the comfort and security of a safari vehicle. Exploring on foot slows you down, lets you listen to the sounds and breathe in the smells and is an opportunity not to missed as part of your safari here.


Zanzibar and the Coast, Tanzania

With the Spice Islands named as they are you cannot visit this particular part of the world and not delve into its history by taking a Spice Tour on the island.

Zanzibar’s history would not be the same without the cloves, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and other spices which have given rise to its name. Its involvement with these incredible spices dates back to the 16th century when the islands became such a crucial stopping point on the trade routes for spices. Your tour can take you through villages and spice plantations allowing you to watch as spice farm workers climb trees seeking specific plants and letting you experience the whole process first hand.


Serengeti and Northern Tanzania, Tanzania

Explore the vast grasslands of the Serengeti with your safari guide on game drives in the early morning and late afternoon. This is one of the most famous national parks in Africa, and it’s easy to see why.

With big cats aplenty, giraffes towering above the plains, hippos wallowing in muddy pools and buffalo snorting and chomping on the grasslands, there’s never a dull moment in the Serengeti. The savannah stretches seemingly endlessly into the distance, dotted with flat topped acacia trees, elephants roaming and herds of wildebeest zig-zagging their way in search of fresh grass. Game drives here are best in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon, when the wildlife is most active and the light is best for photography. During the heat of the day you will typically return to your camp for lunch and a siesta, or travel to a different area for your afternoon safari. No matter the time of year, it would be hard to be disappointed by the breathtaking scenery and diversity of wildlife here.


Serengeti National Park

Soar over the Serengeti’s savannah plains in a hot air balloon at dawn, watching wildlife beneath you and finishing with a champagne bush breakfast.

Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti adds a totally different perspective to your safari. Take in the aerial views and appreciate the sheer expanse of the park, watching as the first rays of sun burn off the morning mist beneath you. Watch as hippos splash in the rivers below and giraffes strut towards their acacia tree breakfasts. At the right time of year, you may even catch a glimpse of the migration herds from above which is truly unforgettable. Upon landing you will be served with a sumptuous champagne breakfast in the bush, to set you up for the rest of your day on safari. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or honeymoon, or simply want to treat yourself, this is a once in a lifetime experience.