Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Ensure an exclusive and totally tailored safari experience by booking a private safari guide and game drive vehicle. A private guide gives you the flexibility to go where you want, when you want. If you have specific interests this is an absolute must.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya

Horseback safaris are the most exciting way to see the bush and in Kenya they are without a doubt the most exciting and adventurous safari you can do.

There is no other way that you can see big game and interact with wild animals that is like being on a riding safari. The camps endeavour to provide exceptional experiences that are exhilarating whilst being safe and fun. You will always be accompanied by a guide who will be very experienced and knowledgeable about riding in the bush. Each exciting day in the saddle will bring you new adventures, riding across open plains dotted with broad Umbrella Acacias with views that stretch for miles. The plains will reveal hundreds of delights and you might be lucky enough to enjoy a gallop alongside some giraffe, zebra or wildebeest. This is an area teeming with wildlife and you will be right in the middle of it all.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Follow in David Attenborough’s footsteps and experience something truly unique during your stay at Lewa by bottle feeding an orphaned baby black rhino.

The number of black rhino in Africa has declined drastically over the last decade and Lewa is doing all it can to increase the black rhino population in Kenya. This includes rearing orphaned baby black rhino by hand before they are re-introduced to the wild. If you are lucky enough during your stay at Lewa, you can do your bit to save one of the world’s most endangered animals and bottle feed one of the baby rhinos.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

For a real adrenaline driven adventure take a buggy or quad bike out on safari and explore areas game vehicles cannot.

Doing a safari in a buggy or a quad bike can be the most exciting way to explore the bush. Putting you right in the thick of it your buggy or quad bike can take you along tiny tracks that the standard game viewing vehicles cannot use and you can visit ‘singing wells’ in the remote Northern rangelands, find a remote picnic spot by a riverbed with seasonal pools or simply drive for miles and miles across the game reserve letting the dust rise up in your wake.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

For an African safari adventure spend a night fly camping in the bush under a cosy blanket and a roof of a thousand stars while the sounds of the bush lull you into a deep sleep.

After a sumptuous dinner around the campfire you will settle down for the night on a cosy bedroll with only a mosquito net between you and the African bush. As the fire turns to glowing embers the stars come out in their thousands. Awake the next morning to the spectacular African sunrise and a hot cup of coffee.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

If you want to try something really different during your holiday then why not take a fishing trip up to Lake Rutundu or Lake Alice. Situated at 10,000 feet above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Kenya this is a totally unique fly fishing experience.

Due to the remote location of the lake, you are pretty much guaranteed total seclusion and privacy when fishing. Lake Rutundu is stocked with rainbow trout and fishing can also be organised at Lake Alice, a two hour walk further up Mount Kenya. The fishing is fly only and the average catch is 3-4lbs with larger trout reaching up to 6lbs and catch and release is encouraged. You will helicopter up to these striking freshwater lakes up Mount Kenya, from where you can fish away in lakes teaming with trout whilst enjoying the most incredible scenery and views.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Explore this beautiful area of Kenya with your professional safari guide in search of some of the fantastic wildlife of Laikipia. Enjoy the opportunity to track and view some of the critically endangered white and black rhino of the conservancy.

Head out on day and night game drives to experience an unforgettable safari experience framed by Mount Kenya. Lewa gives visitors a very good opportunity to spot the famous Big Five: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and black rhino. Alongside this spot the critically endangered white rhino and Grevy’s Zebra – a demonstration of 21st century conservation in action.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Exploring this iconic ecosystem in an adapted, open 4×4 safari vehicle with your professional safari guide is one of the best ways to get up close to the huge volume and wide diversity of wildlife in the Mara.

Morning and evening game drives are a great way to cover distance across this fascinating environment. Game drives in the Mara ecosystem will always throw up exciting and surprising sightings, the experience early in the morning is very different to that as evening closes in, so no two game-drives will be the same.

Your guide will use his knowledge and experience to ensure your safari is as memorable as it can be, spotting leopards slinking through the bush, and pausing in beautiful locations for bush breakfasts or sun-downer drinks: as adept at reading a track as they are at mixing a gin and tonic!


Nairobi and Central Kenya, Kenya

If you have the time whilst in Nairobi, a visit to the Giraffe Centre is a must. Located in the leafy suburb of Karen, the centre is an educational and interactive experience. A unique opportunity to witness giraffe from very close quarters.

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, also known as the Giraffe Centre was founded in 1979 by the late Jock Leslie-Melvile, a Kenyan citizen of British descent and his wife the late Betty Leslie Melvile an American citizen. Jock’s extraordinary vision of creating an educational institution in conjunction with rescuing the endangered Rothschild giraffes resulted in the present day Giraffe Centre that has become a world famous Nature Education Centre.

The mission of AFEW is to promote sustainable environmental conservation through education for the youth in Kenya, with a vision to create a Kenyan population living sustainably and in harmony with nature. A visit to the Giraffe Centre is an educational and rewarding experience, the highlight of most visits being the opportunity to feed the Rothschild’s Giraffes by hand from the raised observation decks.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Experience a different kind of safari and take a pack trip out into the Lewa Conservancy on the back of a camel.

Each camel safari is unique depending on what the guests want and the routes taken. The safaris can range from three days to two weeks and will take you through some of Kenya’s most wild and un-spoilt areas. Head through Il N’gwesi with its extensive landscapes and plentiful wildlife before heading further North and into the wild mountains of Mathew’s Range. This is mainly a walking safari with the camels carrying supplies but riding the camels is available when the terrain allows. You do not have to be immensely fit, all you need is a sense of adventure.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Experience the magic of floating over the plains of the Maasai Mara in a Hot Air Balloon. Balloon safaris are a fantastic way to experience the vast beauty of the Mara and provide exceptional photo opportunities with spectacular lighting and scenery.

A typical balloon safari will depart at dawn (usually 6.15am) and will take you over the Maasai Mara as the sun rises over the plains and casts a spectacular light over the scenery below you. It is a unique way to view the wildlife and your experienced pilot can control the altitude of the balloon so you can soar above the Mara or skim the treetops below you.


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Explore this spectacular landscape on mountain bike. The silence and off-road abilities of the bike allow you to get right up close to big game.

Without the confines of a vehicle around you the African bush has never seemed so exciting. Like riding safaris, a mountain bike one offers you the fabulous combination of up-close immersion in the bush and the ability to cover more ground than you would if exploring on foot. It’s also a wonderful way to burn off the endless amounts of delicious food provided by the lodge!


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

A scenic flight is the ultimate way to enjoy Kenya’s spectacular landscapes, whether by helicopter or in the wonderful Waco bi-plane, it is an experience of a lifetime.

Only by flying low across the physically diverse wilderness can one truly appreciate the scale of Kenya’s beauty and solitude. The most simple and unforgettable way to travel either as a scenic flight or between safari lodges in Kenya is by air, with Tropic Air’s knowledgeable pilots and well-maintained aircraft.

Tropic Air was started by Jamie Roberts in the mid 1990s and is now a well-established charter company operating between lodges and camps within eastern, central and southern Africa. Tropic Air offers adventure travel in either fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, giving you a bird’s eye view of a scenically spectacular continent.

Jamie can take 2 passengers on an exhilarating flight in the Waco, a bi-plane reminiscent of Denys Finch-Hatton’s early flying experiences in ‘Out of Africa’. Go for a breath-taking flight around the 17,000ft peaks of Mt. Kenya, and see what game you can spot from the air. For a sneak


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Tandem paragliding from Borana.

A new and exhilarating experience to enjoy from Borana this season. The most exciting way to see Borana and the beautiful landscape. It is the perfect paragliding site which has become a firm favourite with everyone in the area and is the most thrilling, authentic and unique way to encounter Kenya’s wildlife and get the best views of the wilderness.


Nairobi and Central Kenya, Kenya

Founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. Experience a visit to the Orphans’ Project in the Nairobi suburb of Karen.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is headquartered in the leafy suburb Karen. Here visitors will find the Orphans’ Project, a programme at the heart of the trust. To date 150 infant elephants have been hand-raised and successfully returned to the wild herds of Tsavo National Park.

Take a visit to the trust, morning or afternoon to find more about the remarkable work of this charitable organisation, interact with the orphaned elephant and rhinos and perhaps contribute to the work through fostering one of the orphans.

This is the trust’s mission statement:

“The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust embraces all measures that compliment the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife. These include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown.”


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

The Maasai Mara is famous for being home to one of nature’s most spectacular events: the Great Migration. Millions of wildebeest cross from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Mara in search of better grazing.

Between July and October the Maasai Mara plays host to the great spectacle that is the wildebeest migration. The vast herds move north from the Serengeti in search of the rich grasses of the Mara plains. A movement of millions of animals, made up in main by wildebeest, but accompanied by zebra, gazelle, hartebeest, eland and a myriad of other bird, insect and mammal species, including the large carnivores.

The iconic image of the migration is the intensity seen on the banks of the Mara River. Great groups of wildebeest and zebra congregate to cross the river, a battle of wills, who will be first to launch into the fast flowing water with its hidden dangers and lurking crocodiles. This is one of the most dramatic events in the animal kingdom, it is raw nature and can be brutal to witness, so be warned!


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Exploring the African bush from outside a safari vehicle is a wonderful experience. Get away from the noise of the 4×4 and accompanied by your professional safari guide begin to pick up on the smaller details of the African bush.

If you have never experienced it before, heading out on foot can be a revolutionary experience, some visitors will not want to experience safari any other way afterwards. Walking enables you the opportunity to move quietly through the bush, to pick up on the smallest of sounds – the alarm call of baboons as a leopard shifts position, the chatter of an ox-pecker giving the warning of nearby big game. Focus on the tracks, interpret them and build the bigger picture. Learn about the trap set by an ant lion, and move quietly up to feeding elephant bulls for a totally different perspective on the largest inhabitant of the African bush!


Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Explore the African bush on foot with your experienced guide and tracker. A fantastic opportunity to experience a different perspective, away from the noise of a safari vehicle.

Concentrate on the smaller details of the bush, the all-important components that make up this fascinating and complex ecosystem. Being on foot gives you an opportunity to take your time and tune your senses to the sounds, sights and smells. Trust in the expertise and professionalism of your guide to get you safely into some excellent sightings with big game.


Rift Valley

Take an engine boat from any of the lodges along the shores and enjoy the hippos and birdlife in the backdrop of the magnificent Mt. Longonot.

Crescent Island is a private Wildlife Sanctuary on the eastern side of Lake Naivasha. The island is a submerged rim of a volcanic crater and here, you can walk among the yellow barked “fever trees” with the possibility of seeing various animals.

Visitors can enjoy the wildlife and tranquil environment. Animals you may see are giraffe, zebra, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles, waterbuck, eland, and a great many bird species.The huge fish eagle with it’s distinctive cry is common to the area.

Boat trips on the lake are widely available, and is a great way to spend an afternoon or morning.

Sunsets are always stunning, with the haunting call of a Fish Eagle high over the Lake bringing the day to a perfect end.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Visitors to the village get an insight into the vibrant and still traditional way of life of the Maasai. Learn about the medicinal plants that grow here, the importance of cattle and the stages of life through which all Maasai pass, from young boy or girl to respected elder.

Accompanied by an experienced Maasai guide you are invited to visit the village which is built along traditional lines; complete with cattle enclosure, outer palisade and mud and cow dung huts. Meet the elders, their wives and families and learn about the social structure of the homestead, the role of women in their society and many more aspects of their daily life. Interaction and discussion is encouraged, so whether the ladies are building a hut, the warriors are dancing or making fire with stones and sticks, guests are free to join in.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

Walk with our naturalist and learn about plants, trees and insects and their use in the daily lives of the Maasai tribe. There is an opportunity to plant a tree, leaving a positive mark in Africa. A nature walk will guide you into a complete sense of connection and appreciation for even the smallest things in nature. Our naturalist shares his intimate knowledge of the surrounding environment and how many of the trees and plants are used for medicinal purposes. Watch the hippos, learn to identify the birds from their song, listen for and see small animals as they rustle through the trees, stop and learn about insects and even the fascinating system ants have, to build and maintain their ant-hills. Your guide will also point out animal signs which are everywhere, but not that easily noticed.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

As the afternoon game drive comes to an end, drive to a specially chosen vantage point overlooking the Mara plains. Drinks are served as you take in the beauty of the rapid sunset coloring the acacia dotted plains and transforming the world in a matter of minutes. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and discuss the day’s adventures as waiters serve canapés and a selection of drinks, with the spectacular setting sun in the horizon.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

You may have decided with your guide to take a picnic breakfast or lunch with you but equally love in the evening is to enjoy a bush dinner.

A private and secluded clearing is prepared for an elegant dinner in the middle of the African bush. As the sun swiftly sinks, the setting is illuminated by a magnificent log fire and at full moon the set glows with almost luminescent silver light. The table setting is as sophisticated and elegant as found in the finest restaurants with dainty wild flower arrangements that grace starched white table linen. Candles flicker in the darkness, throwing golden lights on the table cloth as smiling waiters serve a delicious dinner. After dinner retire to the warmth of the campfire where brandies and liqueurs are served as guests relax and absorb the peace and beauty of an African night.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

When in the Maasai Mara, you may fly by light aircraft to Lake Victoria and enjoy a full English breakfast on arrival at the islands of either Mfangano or Rusinga. Try fishing for the legendary giant Nile perch, explore the myriad of tiny islands or stop at a traditional fishing village and see how the villagers live from day to day.

Lake Victoria is a spectacular sight, it is Africa’s largest lake and the world’s second widest freshwater lake. Birdlife is abundant and includes the spectacular fish eagles which can be seen perching high in the treetops or dramatically swooping across the lake as they capture fish in their fiery talons. An experienced and knowledgeable fisherman captains each boat as you head out into the lake in search of the legendary giant Nile perch found in these waters -Nile perch weighing over 150 lb are regularly caught. Stop at a traditional fishing village before returning to the airstrip for your flight back to the Mara.


Maasai Mara and Southern Kenya, Kenya

A flight of a lifetime in a bi-plane of the golden era, with all the mod cons, performance and safety requirements of a modern aircraft. This open cock-pit aircraft can carry 2 passengers side-by-side whilst the pilot fly’s from the rear. The hour long flight is a dream ride in the Finch-Hatton tradition. These popular bi-planes were originally manufactured in the 1920’s and 30’s by Weaver Aircraft Company hence the rather odd name Waco. The new Jacobs engine has been given J.A.R approval, and passes the stringent European noise abatement laws. Waco have a beautiful leather interior, the best music intercom system and a 3-way camera system that will enable passengers to take this once-in-a-life-time flying experience home.

Prices on request, based on availability.